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No-Dig Fence Solutions


Oliver Fence Co. is Eastern North Carolina's Premier No-Dig Fence Company. At Oliver Fence Co. we pride ourselves in being the highest trained No-Dig Installers in the area. Every member of our team has been certified as a No-Dig Fence Professional by the industry renowned Mr. Fence Academy. We have been certified in vinyl, aluminum and wood No-Dig fence disciplines

The No-Dig Process

Is it Stronger?

Wind Loads for Traditonal Dig and Set Vinyl

Wind Loads for No-Dig Vinyl

Why do we Love it?

Benefits of No-Dig Fencing

  • Extremely clean finish (No dirt and mess)

  • Quick and painless (Half the time of traditional dig and set)

  • Added wind load resistance (Internal support half way up vs no internal support)

  • Reduced maintenance costs (Damaged posts can be replaced in a fraction of the time)

  • Height adjustments can be made days after installation as taken place (not possible with dig and set)

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